For the first time, Obamacare in Georgia will be able to buy individual health insurance from their state’s government marketplace. The new state-run health insurance marketplace will also allow Georgians to get more choice in the kind of policies available to them. But the new Georgia marketplace may also be less affordable.

What is Obamacare in America?

As the country recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, access to quality health insurance is more important than ever. And for many people in Georgia, it’s a crucial piece of their lives. Whether they’re in the middle of a vaccine campaign or getting back on their feet after losing a job, these policies can help keep families healthy and safe.

The Obamacare marketplace has been a lifeline for tens of thousands of Georgians. But now, with President Trump’s administration pushing for a waiver that could upend the market, those folks are worried. And with a potential Biden administration on the horizon, they’re not alone.

The proposed Georgia waiver would give consumers the option to choose short-term plans that don’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s requirements and can exclude certain benefits. That would make the ACA marketplace less attractive for healthy consumers, which in turn would push up prices. And while those premiums might be lower, they wouldn’t provide the same protections as a full-fledged ACA plan. That’s why it’s so critical that the Biden administration re-examines Georgia’s waiver and nixes it. Otherwise, it’s likely that tens of thousands of Georgians will lose their healthcare coverage.