Free Airline Ticket To Europe

Even as creditrewardperks to European cities hit record highs this summer, sticker shock hasn’t dissuaded many travelers from pursuing their travel dreams. But there are ways to cut costs, including flying during the fall “shoulder season,” when prices drop considerably compared with the peak summer months. And some airlines, such as newcomer Norse Atlantic and Iceland’s Play Airlines, are offering ultra-cheap fares to Europe — provided you’re willing to skimp on amenities and do the math with added bag and seat fees.

Another trick: Be flexible with both airports and dates, says Hobica. For example, flights to Dublin and Brussels tend to be cheaper than those to more popular destinations such as Rome and Madrid, he says. Also, consider departing from a less-popular city such as Birmingham, England, or Nuremberg, Germany, that may be much easier to get to from your home city.

Jet Set for Free: Unraveling the Secrets of Scoring a Free Airline Ticket to Europe

Also, don’t neglect business-class sales, which can drop below economy fares during some shoulder and off-season periods, Hobica says. And keep an eye out for promotional deals that pair airfare with hotel stays.

The last tip: Don’t be afraid to volunteer to be bumped from your flight, which can sometimes result in an inexpensive ticket. It’s common for airlines to oversell a flight, and if too few passengers show up to board, the airline has to get creative to fill the seats. In most cases, you’ll be offered an alternative flight or a hotel stay voucher.