The sundanese (in Indonesian: Sunda) are an ethnic group from the western part of the island of Java, Indonesia, which covers a vast area. They are mainly rice farmers, but many also work in other farming and service occupations. They speak the Sundanese language, which is part of the Javanese family of languages and shares a large number of words with Sanskrit and Malay.

Myths and heroic stories are a major part of Sundanese culture. They are woven into films, puppet shows, traditional poetry, and more modern forms such as novels. Some are regional in character, explaining the history of a local kingdom or the mythical origin of a lake or strangely shaped mountain. Others are based on the Hindu Ramayana, which has been adapted over centuries for use in Sundanese culture.

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Pencak silat, a form of martial art, is a prominent Sundanese tradition. There are a variety of schools, such as Cimande, that teach the Sundanese style of this martial arts.

Sundanese food varies by region, but is generally characterized by the emphasis on vegetables and fruits. For example, a typical modest meal might include steamed rice, fried salted fish or sayur asem (vegetable with tamarind-based soup), lalab sambal or karedok (raw vegetable salad with chili paste) and a fruit such as jackfruit or papaya. In rural areas, a staple is pond-raised carp or goldfish.

Sundanese women are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful in the country, thanks to a combination of the climate (which results in a lighter complexion) and a diet rich in raw vegetables. They are also renowned for their fashion sense and forward-looking attitudes.