A Guide to Steel Structure and Metal Parking Canopies

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Car parking shades | Shelter Tent FZE” is among the top car parking shades manufacturers and dealers in UAE. We have experience in manufacturing and installing Car Parking Shades in Dubai. We manufacture several types of shelters, including: Camping shades, School shades, Family Shade, Swimming pool shade, Temporary shelters & structures, Labor shade, Family tent & villa and Temporary structures. We also install several types of car parking structures in Dubai. These are: Auto shelters, Mansha, Al-Baydah and Al-Mazhabi car parking shelters, Traffic barrier, Container and Roll on car parking structures, Al-Wasi and Tufail car parking shelters, Dubai carport and Traffic control car shelters, Sharjah tunnel car shelter and Traffic signal car shelters. In addition, we supply many specialized car parking covers for car parking in Dubai

How To Sell A Guide To Steel Structure And Metal Parking Canopies

Our company has many years of experience in supplying car parking shades, including: eco-friendly tents, polyethylene square canvas, Aluminium square canvas, plastic, acrylic and bamboo tarps, corrugated fiberglass and clear vinyl tarps. We manufacture and supply high quality car parking shades in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of tents and canopies, our products are designed to withstand the vagaries of all weather conditions. Our canopies and shelters are made with superior quality and meet the highest industry standards for excellence.

Shelter Tent Fze is another leading manufacturer of car parking shades. They manufacture and supply car parking shades, canopies and other related products that are designed and manufactured using the best materials. The products are designed to give maximum protection and safety to your vehicle against harsh weather conditions such as sunlight, wind, snow, hail, sleet and heavy rainfall. The shelters are available in different colors such as earth tone, blue, green, cream, gray, olive, sand, white and yellow and are manufactured using the same quality and standard of materials used by us.