Canopy Walkway

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A canopy walkway provides shelter for pedestrians who are moving between buildings. In healthcare environments, for example, they can protect patients, staff and visitors from adverse weather conditions. Miko can design a range of walkway canopies for hospitals, care homes and airports.More info

In its simplest form, a canopy walkway is a bridge-like connection between platforms built around tree trunks to allow pedestrian access to the forest canopy. More often, though, they’re independent bridge structures in combination with observation decks and towers.

Discovering Breathtaking Views: Journeying on a Canopy Walkway

The Sculptural Canopy Walkway at Kew Arboretum is a low-maintenance curved steel and timber bridge structure that winds and dips to traverse the forest floor and burst out above the canopy, giving spectacular panoramic vistas of the Garden and Cape Flats. It’s also a wonderful place for birdwatching and is inspired by the skeleton of a boomslang, a tropical snake, whose spiky spines give it its name.

As well as being a visually stunning experience, canopy walkways can help to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote conservation. They encourage visitors to value the world’s forests and their inhabitants, which may in turn inspire further conservation efforts on a local and global scale.

Trees are the lungs of the planet, pulling carbon dioxide out and releasing oxygen in exchange. Without them, all of our beloved creatures and human civilization would ultimately wither and die. Canopy walkways are an incredibly effective way to showcase these incredible trees and their vital role in the global ecosystem.