The Tailem Bend Solar Power Project is a large solar power farm in South Australia. It has a capacity of 108MW, and will initially supply 95MW to the national grid. There are plans for a second phase to provide an additional 85MW. The project is expected to be completed in 2019. Find out :


The project was built by Vena Energy, which operates the Tailem Bend Solar Project. The project will generate clean energy for approximately 35,000 homes annually and will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of up to 207,000 tonnes annually. The project will also provide a significant amount of renewable electricity to the local grid.

Construction of the Tailem Bend solar farm was completed in a span of twelve months, and employed more than 250 workers. The project also required a number of heavy equipment, including excavators, graders, trucks, trenchers, and cranes. Many of these machines were hired from local contractors. It is important to note that the construction of the project highlights the natural advantages of the area.

Aside from providing energy to 35,000 homes yearly, the Tailem Bend solar farm will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 207,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to planting 3.4 million trees. The project has also secured a power purchase agreement with Vena Energy, a renewable energy company, and has received approval from the SA Chamber of Mines and Energy. It is scheduled for commercial operation by 2023.