Choosing a Vibrating Tumbler Polisher

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A vibrating tumbler polisher is a powerful tool used to clean and polish metal items and small parts. It uses rapid vibrating action to remove material on delicate parts, such as sockets and machine parts. You can also use it to deburr metal parts. Some tumbler polishers have separate de-burring and polishing media. These tools come with a 2.2-kg capacity bowl and a securely sealed lid.

Role of Tumbling Media

When choosing a tumbler polisher, consider what type of stones you plan to polish. If you want to use a tumbler to polish jewelry, choose a machine that has a fine grit to minimize scratches. Other types of stones may require more coarse grit than others.

Vibrating tumbler polisher start with medium grit and work their way up to fine grit. This process quickly wears stones smooth. You can use the medium grit for seven to ten days before moving on to fine grit. You can also save grit and polish by running multiple steps in the tumbler.

The noise from vibrating tumblers is minimal compared to those with metal barrels, but you may need to protect the flooring from the noise by placing the machine on a cardboard box or bedding. A quieter alternative is a rubber barrel tumbler. This material is much quieter than steel barrels and is just as effective. The grit and grinding action of the tumbler polisher will create the polishing effect.