How to Increase Testosterone With Exercise

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Exercise is an effective way to boost testosterone HealthEd Academy levels in men and women. It not only helps with weight loss, but it can also improve energy levels and mood. Certain types of exercise are more effective than others. If you are looking to build muscle mass, sprints are one way to go. Before you begin sprinting, do a warm-up routine of three minutes. After the warm-up, sprint vigorously for 90 seconds, then recover with a walk in a circle. Try to focus on different muscle groups, not just your arms. Strength training will help speed up your metabolism and prevent injury.

How do you know if your testosterone is low?

Another important thing to consider when thinking about how to increase testosterone is what to eat. Foods high in protein will help raise testosterone. However, some foods will lower it. Soy products are high in phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen and lower testosterone levels. Eating these foods on a regular basis can help your testosterone levels.

Boosting testosterone levels is a gradual process. Once you make the changes, you’ll notice a difference in your body and your mental state. In addition, you’ll find that you have more energy, and better sleep.