How to Quick Dry Cannabis

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how to quick dry cannabis

When it comes to smoking cannabis, a few things can make or break your experience. THC levels, aroma, flavour, and smokeability are all important factors to consider. When your bud is overly dry, all these factors can fall apart quickly.

How to quick dry cannabis Fortunately, there are many ways to quick dry cannabis and preserve its terpene profile, cannabinoid potency and prevent mold from forming. But the process must be done correctly if you want to enjoy the best quality product.

Heaters are a good way to speed up the drying process, but they need to be used carefully and in the right environment. Too much heat can degrade the THC in the buds and damage their trichomes, which are the little crystals that give them their distinctive look.

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Microwaves are another popular and fast-drying method. This technique involves using a microwave oven on 50% power or less to dry cannabis. Set it for about 10-12 seconds at a time, turn your buds every 1-2 minutes and you should be able to smoke them within a few hours.

A few other quick-drying techniques include rice grains and the paper towel method. These work well for small bud sections that need to be dried as quickly as possible.

Sunlight and heat are also a common way to dry cannabis. Outdoor ganja farmers have been placing their buds on rocks in direct sunlight for thousands of years, but it does have its drawbacks: both heat and light degrade terpenes and THC.