Portable Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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handheld carbon monoxide detector

Handheld carbon monoxide detector is a deadly gas that can build up in confined spaces. It’s produced when fuel—like wood, gasoline, kerosene, coal, propane, natural gas or heating oil—fails to burn completely (incomplete combustion). Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous in a home, camper, or other confined space without proper ventilation. Luckily, carbon monoxide detectors can help you stay safe by alerting you to a dangerous amount of CO.

These handheld devices use a gel that soaks up the poisonous chemical and changes color to let you know when it’s nearby. Many also have a light sensor that tracks the gel’s color, which helps you locate the source of the problem. Carbon monoxide detectors are a must-have for any homeowner, but they’re especially useful for people who spend time outdoors or travel frequently. There have been several reports of carbon monoxide-related deaths at hotels and vacation rentals, so travelers can safeguard themselves by packing a portable CO detector.

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The Gzair carbon monoxide detector is a small, battery-powered device that takes inspiration from hemoglobin, the protein found in blood cells that delivers oxygen to your tissues (but can be hijacked by carbon monoxide). When exposed to carbon dioxide, hemoglobin’s color brightens noticeably, so the Gzair device uses a similar method. Its light sensor tracks the gel’s color to detect carbon monoxide, and a display shows real-time CO levels.

The Cheffort carbon monoxide detector is a reliable, user-friendly device with a large LCD backlight screen and adjustable alarm values. It offers accurate readings and a wide measuring range, making it suitable for various environments. The device also has a one-year after-sales warranty. However, the manufacturer’s lack of NIST USA traceability documentation, date of manufacture and test engineer QC signature may be a drawback for some users.